The Fairtrade approach to producing and buying products is vitally important to many communities worldwide. As the Fairtrade Foundation explain, producers are paid enough to cover the costs of sustainable production and make a living themselves, as well as to invest in the development of their businesses and staff. The prices paid to producers are set to reflect the true costs of production. Producers can also receive payments in advance to buy fertiliser and tools when required. 

In the Fairtrade model, long-term business relationships are established that give producers the freedom to plan and expand their businesses and use sustainable production practices. The commitment to such relationships guarantees safety and security to producers.

Fairtrade benefits workers and their families by ensuring that working conditions are acceptable and that child labour is avoided. The empowerment of women is also promoted, and an awareness of environmental issues is encouraged. Organisations of producers are supported to set up social development projects, many of which provide health and education facilities.

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