Pesticides and insecticides are used on most fruit and vegetables. These are then consumed directly by us or are then fed to the animals which we eat. Either way the chance of us all having digested these chemicals is high. The health risks of many of these chemicals is unknown, especially when mixed together to create a cocktail of chemicals within the body.

Pesticides are used to keep away insects and weeds but also to make many fruit and veg look aesthetically pleasing on the supermarket shelves. But the widespread usage of these chemicals causes problems. Many of them can interfere with our hormone systems and can lead to increase birth defects, sexual abnormalities, reproductive failure and the risk of breast and testicular cancers, in animals, including humans. These chemicals make their way into our water as well and have to be removed costing the UK approximately £120m a year.

Health concerns also arise from our over consumption of processed foods with high levels of fat, sugar and salt, increasing obesity and heart disease. These processed foods often have preservatives and colourings added too so to extend their shelve life and look more appetising. Many people are intolerant or allergic to these added ingredients and often donít know it.

It often seems time-consuming and expensive to prepare healthy food, but this is a misconception. Good quality food can be a lot cheaper if bought in bulk and from local producers and making a simple omelette is often quicker than a ready meal! Growing your own is also enjoyable as well as easy on the pocket, see our Grow Your Own section for tips and hints.