Welcome to the Manchester Real Food Guide!

This website has been created to provide information on what 'Real Food' is, why to buy and eat it, and how to find it in Manchester and the locality. As you may notice its recently had a revamp as we are working on this a lot at the moment.

This website has been put together some information on what we call 'Real Foods'. Links are provided for further reading if you would like to know more. These are snappily titled:

At the bottom of each of these pages are links for futher information.

We are currently working hard to update the directory with any new providers, food events in Manchester, and other information, so check back soon! If you are organising or attending a Real Food event such as a farmers market, please let us know so we can publicise it.

We hope you find this website informative and useful bon appetit!

The Real Food Guide Directory

Manchester is full of hidden gems, so here is a Directory of Real Food providers, from suppliers to retailers and caterers. If you are involved in Real Food in Manchester or would like to recommend someone you think should feature on this site then it would be great to hear from you. You can email us at office@manchesterfoe.org.uk<\a>